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Well     , there's no sense in having a site called Homebrewed Tarot if you don't talk about beer. So, I will.ream

I've always wanted to try a cream ale. I really like Genesee Cream. There are several opinions on how best to do this. I decided to use the ingredient for an American pilsener, but ferment with ale yeast.

The higher temperature results in a more complex flavor, which I like.


cream ale - Cream Ale (6A)Brewer
Date 4/5/17
Batch Size 2.000 gal Boil Size 1.750 gal
Boil Time 60.000 min Efficiency 70%
OG 1.051 FG 1.010
ABV 5.3% IBU 19.2 (Tinseth)
Color 4.4 srm (Morey) Calories (per 12 oz.) 168
Total grain: 3.500 lbName Type Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
Briess - 2 Row Brewers Malt Grain 1.000 lb Yes No 80% 2.0 srm
Briess - Yellow Corn Flakes Adjunct 1.000 lb Yes No 75% 0.8 srm
Briess DME - Pilsen Light Dry Extract 1.000 lb No No 95% 2.0 srm
Briess - Caramel Malt 10L Grain 8.000 oz Yes No 76% 10.0 srm
Name Alpha Amount Use Time Form IBU
Willamette 4.5% 0.500 oz Boil 60.000 min Pellet 19.2
Willamette 4.5% 0.500 oz Dry Hop 0.000 s Pellet 0.0
Name Type Form Amount Stage
Muntons ale Ale Dry 0.500 tsp Primary